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5th March 2018 | Category: Banking How to

Banks now provide various modes of funds transfer whether online or offline. One of the best and efficient method is ATM. State Bank Of India customers enquires ‘how to transfer money from SBI ATM to other bank account’. ATM to ATM transfer in SBI Bank is very easy and simple. Here we will learn how to send money from SBI ATM to other bank account like axis bank.

Bank has now added many features to ATM and we can use Debit Cards/ ATM for money transfer. Customers who are not registered to net-banking found it difficult to send money and the only choice left is visiting the bank branch. But SBI ATM card can be used to send money from your account to other bank account.

SBI Card to Card Transfer Steps

You can use ATM to ATM transfer facility only in SBI ATM machines and with SBI debit card only

  • Go to your nearest SBI ATM and Swipe your card in the slot
  • Now select your preferred language, the default language used in SBI ATM machines is English
  • Now enter your ATM Debit Card PIN
  • Now list of options available on ATM card will be displayed on screen
  • Now select the Transfer option, generally located at bottom right side of screen
  • The transfer options will be displayed on screen, Select the “Card to Card Fund Transfer”
  • Enter the Debit Card / ATM card number of recipient (person whose account to be credited) comprises of 19 digits
  • Enter the ATM card number again and confirm it
  • Enter the amount to be transferred and click on correct option
  • The ATM Card number and amount will appear on the screen, click on Yes option
  • Select the account type as savings account type and confirm
  • The money will be transferred to other bank account
  • Successful message will be displayed at screen, collect the transaction receipt

SBI allows only Rs.40,000 to transfer via ATM in a single day. Applicant should carefully follow the steps for successful transaction.

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