Punjab National Bank Launches PNB eRupaya Cards For Rural Areas

Punjab National Bank
31st August 2017 | Category: Debit Cards

PNB eRupaya is among the five products launched by Punjab National Bank to promote digital transactions and reduce usage of money in cash. To make reach of digital transaction facility in rural areas PNB eRupaya Cards is an amazing tech product by the bank. People in villages can now shop without cash using these eRupaya Cards.

Punjab National Bank always has been focusing to make banking easy and convenient. PNB has a perspective that the digital services reach to all people even in the remote areas and PNB eRupaya Cards promises it.  Based on a food- court model, villagers can now make payment digitally with a swipe of eRupaya cards.

How to Use PNB eRupaya Cards

Using PNB eRupaya Cards is similar to that of an ATM. Just swipe the card on machine and that’s all your payment is done without any cash. PNB eRupaya cards works on a closed group digital set up for daily needs like shopping. The main motive to launch PNB eRupaya cards is to enable transactions in rural areas where there is internet connectivity problem and literacy level is very low.

The PNB eRupaya Cards will be issued by Punjab National bank to villagers with certain amount limit and Mobile POS will be given to shopkeepers. The buyer will produce the card and payment will be made using POS providing safe & fast digital transaction medium.

Punjab National Bank eRupaya Cards were first issued in Rarah village in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan state on Pilot basis. Looking at the success of operation Punjab National Bank will expand the project in 26 villages in remote areas across the country. Besides these PNB has launched RUPAY International Debit Cards, IMT- Instant Money Transfer Acquiring, Visa Cards Acquiring and PNB Scan & Pay (Bharat QR). Click this link to read more about Punjab National Bank eRupaya Cards.

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