No Accounts Mapped For This Username Error in SBI Error Solved

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28th March 2018 | Category: Banking How to

Internet Banking is the most convenient way to manage bank account but sometime it may become troublesome due to errors like No Accounts Mapped For This Username in SBI Bank or No Accounts Mapped under this category. This error is displayed because customer doesn’t have full access to banking services and the account is hidden gets hidden in SBI Accounts List. Here are the steps by which one can solve No Accounts Mapped error in State Bank of India.

When one login with username and password some services are not active in Accounts list and customer come across the No Accounts Mapped for this Username error. To solve this, individuals need to unhide account from the list and get full access for SBI transactions. Check out the steps to solve No accounts mapped for this username error.

SBI No Accounts Mapped Under this Category Error

  • Go to State Bank Of India net-banking official website
  • Login to your SBI net-banking account with username and password
  • Your SBI account dashboard will open, now go to ‘My Accounts & Profile’ icon and then click on Profile tab
  • List of services available in SBI net-banking will appear
  • Click on the Manage A/C Display icon
  • A dialog box will appear asking for SBI profile password, before entering the password select the Unhide Accounts tab in box
  • Enter password and click on submit button
  • Select the account number and click submit
  • Once you submit your request you will get confirmation message “You have successfully modified your account profile for inquiry and transaction access to the following accounts”
  • Your account number will be displayed in Hide Accounts Tab

Another issue which may be creating the No Accounts Mapped for this username error is access level. You can upgrade it by following steps

SBI Upgrade Access Level Online

  • Login to your SBI net-banking portal
  • Go to My Accounts and click on profile tab
  • Select the option ‘Upgrade Access level’
  • No select the account number for which you want to resolve error (in case of multiple accounts)
  • Select the Upgrade level access to ‘Full Transaction Rights’ and click on submit button
  • Enter the OTP sent on your registered mobile number and click on confirm button
  • Your request will be processed and may get activate after I hour

By following above steps you can solve the No Accounts Mapped for this username/ under this category error in SBI

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  1. Hulash kumar says:

    i follow all these steps but same problem show again.

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