Easily Get ICICI Pre-Approved Personal Loan Through ATM

icici atm personal loan
31st August 2017 | Category: Banking How to

Now you can get ICICI Personal Loan through ATM instantly. With completely paperless process you can get loan disbursal for a pre-approved loan digitally. ICICI Bank is always ahead in introducing new concepts in banking making it easy and convenient and one such feature is to get personal loan through ATM.

With Insta PL through ATM existing customers of the bank can get pre-qualified personal loans in savings account instantly without visiting the branch. All you need to do is follow some defined process correctly and that’s all. The amount will be transfer at the same time when you complete the process. ICICI bank offers you PL up to Rs.15 lakh.

Procedure to Get ICICI Bank Personal Loan Through ATM

For customers who are not aware of Ultra-Fast Cash Withdrawal term is that it is used to withdraw fixed amount in one shot

  • Now first you have to perform three transactions to go to pre-qualified loan screen
  • Insert Your card in ATM machine and select balance enquiry option
  • Then, Withdraw a certain amount of cash using cash withdrawal option
  • Now use Ultra-Fast Cash Withdrawal to get cash in one shot
  • After completion of these steps you will get personal Loan pre-qualified offer message up to maximum limit for which you are eligible
  • Select Apply now and click on Next
  • Now you will see personal loan and eligible offers on the screen
  • Now based upon your selection, you will get information about interest rate, processing fee and EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) of personal loan
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Confirm for loan by entering your Debit Card PIN as two-factor authentication
  • After confirmation, the loan amount will be transferred in your savings account directly.

Thus all you need is to make 3 transactions, select loan as per your choice, agree to terms and confirm. Within few clicks you will get loan and amount credited to your account. You should be careful while performing the above steps as wrong option could disrupt the process.

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