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4th September 2017 | Category: Banking How to

Now we can use Kotak Mahindra Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) to deposit money in Kotak bank anytime 24×7 without visiting the bank. If I were you I will locate a Kotak Cash Deposit near me and then send cash amount. With just your debit card you can add money to your account or in some other account.

Sometime we come across a situation where banks remain closed for days due to holidays and weekend. In such cases if we want to send money to a friend’s account and only have cash then it becomes impossible. But with Kotak Mahindra Cash Deposit Machine you can deposit money instantly. Avoid standing in long queues and add money in simple steps.

How to Deposit Cash in Kotak Bank Cash Deposit Machine/ kiosk

In your own account with debit card

  1. Find a Kotak CDM near you
  2. Insert your debit card and enter ATM PIN
  3. Select your account and account type (Savings or Current)
  4. Now the CDM screen will prompt to deposit cash
  5. Place the Notes on CDM slot properly
  6. It will sort the denominations and show total amount along with number of notes deposited of each value like 5 notes of Rs.100 or 1 note of Rs.500.
  7. Confirm and Click on Deposit
  8. The amount will be credited in your account instantly
  9. You will get deposit slip from the Kotak Mahindra Cash Deposit Machine

Deposit Money in Other Account with A/C No

  • Visit Kotak Bank Cash Deposit Machine CDM
  • Now select the Cardless option to add money
  • Enter the Account Number in which you want to add money twice
  • The Account Holder’s name will be shown on screen
  • If it is correct than click enter
  • Place the money in slot and check the information is correct
  • Finally click on deposit and amount will be added in account, take the receipt generated for further use

You can deposit maximum Rs.2 lakh with 200 notes at a time in the Kotak Mahindra Cash Deposit Machine. To know locations of CDM go to kotak website and select your city, the address of Kotak Mahindra Bank Cash Deposit Money will be displayed. Read more, Here

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