ATM Transaction Failed Money Deducted From Account – What to Do Now

atm failed transaction
20th September 2017 | Category: Banking How to

Sometime we come across situation when our ATM transaction fails and money deducted from the bank account. Some banks retrieve the amount instantly but if there is a major issue than we need to contact bank. There could be many situations like cash not received and amount deducted. The Foremost thing to do is don’t panic and don’t do further ATM transactions.

Different Banks follow different process in cases like ATM transaction declined and amount get deducted. In most cases write letter to bank for ATM failed transactions. You can download the transaction failed complaint form or go to the bank. Here is the process to get refund of failed Transaction in ATM

ATM Shows Last Transaction Failed but Money Deducted From Account

If you ever encounter with failed ATM transaction, do not panic and take suitable action as mentioned below:

  • First of all note down the ATM machine ID from where the amount is deducted
  • Mostly it is written above the Machine or in Cabin of ATM
  • Go to the card issuing bank and write ATM transaction failed complaint letter with all details. Mention the ATM ID, area where the machine is located, date time along with account number.
  • Submit the complaint letter or form along with required documents
  • Bank officials will raise request of your complaint and refund deducted amount in your bank account

Documents Required with ATM Transaction Failed Complaint Letter

  • Bank Pass Book
  • ATM Slip of the Failed Transaction (if any)
  • Proof of money deducted but not received could be SMS
  • Identity Proof

Call at Customer Care Number

You can call customer care if the money is deducted from account but not received from ATM. The customer care number is printed on the ATM card and also available on ATM machine cabin. The Agent will instruct you the steps to follow for ATM Transaction Failed Money Deducted from account. The best way is to reach out to bank as soon as possible in such cases and submit atm failed transaction complaint form.

Using the above process, you will be able to get the refund in 7-10 days. But incase, the bank refuses to give a refund, approach Banking Ombudsman first and later if required, a Consumer Forum. Lodge a complaint for the same.

Do not go to a Consumer Forum without first complaining to Banking Ombudsman.

Failed ATM Transaction in Indian Bank

ATM Transaction Failure in Bank of India

Amount Debited and Cash Not Dispensed From ICICI Bank ATM

ICICI Bank Cash Not Received but Money Deducted from Account Balance

Axis Bank ATM Transaction Failed and Money Deducted From Account

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